I’ll record your music, collaborate on the creation methods and style you’d like to achieve. From there, instruments are added, echoes heard, resonance felt. I am available to record your next Album, Single or Demo, my gear is mobile so I can come to you!

If you have a live performance coming up and you’d like it recorded, let me know. When it’s said and done, You will walk away with something you can share with your friends, advertise your musical talents, begin your career, continue your career, and bring to the world at large!

Do you desire a pristine piece of binaural, binary encoded delight? Or shall we cast fidelity aside in lieu of heart and soul captured in raw magnetic formations? Will the pendulum swing somewhere calmly between?

I have at my disposal a Tascam Portastudio 424 MK II, which can be used for one track, up to four, or beyond (with inherent loss of quality… but sometimes that’s exactly what you want to hear).

I also have an Apogee Ensemble paired with a Macbook Pro for recording audio directly into the computer realm. Once we’ve done that we could roll it around in the tape machine for awhile and see what we come up with.


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