Below you’ll find links to fellow compatriots, collaborators, friends, crushes, not to mention some self promotion, ideas, opportunities, et cetera:

  • Nick Ferrio plays country music, he’s a good friend who lives across the hall
  • The Vimeo site for David Bird
  • Mark Fossen writes his own music and performs any chance he gets. Formerly seen busking around Granville Island in Vancouver, Mark now resides in Ottawa, seeking fortune and happiness.
  • Greydyn Wolfcow is a good friend of mine from Ontario, now living in Toronto. We both lived in a town called Newmarket in the early 2000s, and have collaborated on a number of recordings, I played in his band for a short time as well. Greydyn has probably the most diverse and vast musical knowledge and collections of anyone I’ve met.
  • Dan Joyce is a friend I’ve known since days in Newmarket, Ontario. He’s since attended and graduated from NSCAD in Halifax, and now is the Art Director at the Khyber Institute of Contemporary Arts
  • Whisper To Yell – My writing blog

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