From A Desk

All songs written by David Bird and recorded in one night in the order presented here.
Caught on tape at 10 Charles Studios in Sharon, Ontario March of 2003.
Mixed to minidisc by DB at Gourmet Studios Newmarket, Ontario.
Originally rendered to CD by Greydyn Wolfcow September 2003.
Mastered by DB January 2006.
Front cover photograph taken by Alexander Mclachlan February 2005.
David: Acoustic Guitar + Vocals

1.  Champion Drone
2.  Household Cyclist
3.  Come In, We’re Hopin’
4.  Grey Skies, Breeze, Memories
5.  The Blinded Path
6.  Mystical Woman With Green Eyes
7.  Note To Self
8.  In A Subconscious Field
9.  Doggedly Determined

Released 14 August 2012

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